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With fall around the corner, it’s time to focus on the 4th quarter. We all know the value of client relationships so, jumpstart your plan on the different ways you can reach your buyers wherever they are. Be proactive in nurturing current client relationships and landing new ones. How are you putting your name in front of them? The 4th quarter is ripe for employee appreciation, holiday, and executive gifts  - which make it the perfect reason to reach out. Show them your expertise and how you can bring their stories to life through branded merchandise. Ensure they see what sets you a part from your competition. Give them something to remember you for! 

Are you active on social media? Ask your clients to follow you and/or the company page so they can stay up to date with the latest. As younger generations enter the work force, the importance of social connection increases. Meet them where they are, on social. Consider providing an incentive when they follow you on social (and use a self promo). We have ready-to-go social media posts for you to share on your network, so keep reading. 

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Dana Geiger | Executive Director

Biz Hacks

Below find some interesting information about nurturing client relationships and how social media is quickly becoming the more commonly to search the internet.


Search Engines Take a Back Seat  To Social

Most young people choose social media over Google for internet searching.

Learn More

Get Social

Nine ways to build client relationships with social media

Read More

The Importance of Maintaining Past Relationships

Don't push your existing clients to the bottom of yoru todo list. 

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Supplier Spotlight

Connect with Fred

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Meet Fred

Strategic Account Manager


Q: What's your favorite movie? Why?

A: Currently .. Mission Impossible - the whole series (mostly the 2011, 2015, 2018 versions). I love how Tom does his own stunts and they are the real deal. I really enjoy most of Tom Cruise movies, I would love to grab a cocktail with that guy. Pick his brain.. I mean he's had to have some absolutely incredible experiences in his life.

Q: Who's your biggest influence in your life?

A: In this stage of my life I'd say my Dad. He's been a steady rock for me .. in his old age now, he comes at me with some really insightful questions and life lessons. Plus he's asking for help .. who can't love a parent that is asking for their kids opinion? My dad was a Presbyterian Minister .. we grew up in a faith filled family. His guidance and profession directly impacts me every day of my life and my family.. talk about 'paying if forward'.

Q: Any upcoming events/news you want to share from your company with our network?

A: SanMar is finally celebrating our 50th Anniversary with a Employee Only,  Big Party in Washington. Our actual 50th anniversary  was in 2021... but we had to put it off due to Health Reasons. So, this September our entire company will fly out to Seattle to celebrate.. US!

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Get Social

Get ahead and start promoting products for Breast Cancer Awareness and holiday/employee/client gifts. We have chosen a few choice images you can share!

To share - simply right click on the image, save, and add your own little message to your social feed.

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There is no better way to help your clients visualize the power of promotional branding than to give them a gif with your logo on it. Click the link to see a curated list of self-promo specials from PG suppliers to help inspire your Q3 and Q4 gifts or campaigns.

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" One genuine new relationship is worth a fistful of business cards.

- Susan Cain

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