SEPT  2023

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As the final season of the year approaches, it's the perfect time to remind ourselves of the power of intention. As you lead clients through conversations about the upcoming holidays and the importance of fostering connections with their brand around the holidays, remember to safeguard your inner peace by planning ahead. Consider this a gentle reminder that you can't be a light for others if you're neglecting your own well-being. This season, let mindfulness be your guide as you balance the satisfaction that comes with a balance of productivity, self-care, and meaningful connections.

In this month's newsletter, we're here to provide some tips on how to be mindful about managing your time, space, and energy, all while achieving the outcomes you're aiming for. You'll discover articles, goodies, and social media pics ready to be shared, all geared towards helping you reach your goals in this final quarter - keep reading!


Dana Geiger | Executive Director



Many PG supplier members have developed at-a-glance holiday gift guides or look books. Click here to see these all in one place. 

The Art Of Delegating Starts With Intentional Direction

Learn more on setting direction and the importance of “intent” to help others understand how what they are doing fits with other efforts.

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Supplier Index

Click here to download an index of all PG supplier brands, sustainability, USA Made and give back initiatives. 

Biz Hacks

By purposefully seeking moments of fulfillment and focusing on what brings us joy, we can discover a deeper sense of happiness in our daily work lives. See more below!


The Pursuit of Happiness in the Workplace

Sharissa Sebastion dives into the pursuit of happiness in the workplace which refers to the concept of creating an environment where employees experience a sense of well-being, satisfaction, and contentment while carrying out their job responsibilities.

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“Intentional days create a life on purpose.”

Adrienne Enns

Supplier Spotlight

Connect with Shawn

Shawn's Cowboy Dad


Meet Shawn Kanak


Towel Specialties

Q: What's your favorite movie? Why?

A:  Planet of the Apes (the original 1968 version) stuck with me as it was the first movie that I can recall that really challenged the ordinary, which I thought was outstanding. Years later was met with critical acclaim and is widely regarded by many as a classic. I applauded it for its imagination and its commentary on a possible world turned upside down.

Q: Who's your biggest influence in your life?

A:  It’s only fitting to share the wisdom my cowboy dad taught me over the years that’s helped me in both raising a family and the business arena.

Do your Best: While breaking quarter horses for riding my dad would come up to me as I sat on the next horse, look me in the eye, pat my leg, and say “Do your Best, Shawn”. This was immediately followed by him letting go of the lead-rope and me flying over the horse's head in a matter of seconds! This was usually followed by “Be aggressive, ride hard, keep at it,” (meaning we are doing this again?!). It was like clockwork. Whether he realized it or not, he taught me so much in those three words: Do Your Best.

Takeaway-If we’d simply give our all, do our best in every task we face, run faster than our opponent, which all lead to bettering ourselves in our career, inspire others, win awards, stand out from the crowd, develop new skills and be role models to our children! If you’re not doing your best, then you’re operating at a lower level. You’re compromising your standards and setting yourself up to accept substandard performances. Every day, in every aspect of our lives we have the option of doing our best work or something less.

Q: Any upcoming events/news you want to share from your company with our network?

A:  When it comes beach towels and blankets, this is what we do. Count on the highest quality craftmanship, on time delivery and redefined functionality that continues to raise the bar. When it comes to drop-shipping for holiday please consider having us perform the task for you. Whether the project entails adding third-party items, shipping internationally for 18 or 18, can count on us. All details can be found at

Connect with Murray

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Meet Murray Siegal

Marketing Director

Towel Specialties

Q: What's your motto or personal mantra?

A:  What doesn't call you makes you stronger.

Q:  What's your biggest project of all time?

A: On a personal level, it was writing my book "MurMurings". On a professional level, it was probably one of our Towel Specialties catalogs. They tend to run together after 25 years, but the first one on location in the Bahamas was one of my favorite.

Q: Any upcoming events/news you want to share from your company with our network?

A:  We're putting together one of our biggest product launches in 2024. Stay tuned.


Click the link below for an opportunity to win a combination of a towel and a bag, along with a lovely blanket, courtesy of our partners at Towel Specialties!

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Members In The Wild

Alicia Rhodes from Action Plus Ideas joins a panel of leaders at skucamp Austin. 

TK Promotions entertains clients at VAPPA's end-user show in Richmond, VA.

City Apparel + Merch at a NASPD event displays passion about State Parks and well designed merch.

Good Vibes Only

The PG Marketing committee worked tirelessly with our generous suppliers to provide a mid-year client-ready mailer sending good vibes. Click above to see how W.S. Emerson featured items and marketed to their clients. 

In all 12 PG distributors participated in purchasing these ready made kits to share with clients. We would like to thank our participating suppliers and the volunteer leaders that made this possible. We are looking forward to hearing case studies of how these kits turned into sales. 

Get Social

We have chosen a few choice images you can share to with back to work/school and the cooler months in mind - simply right click on the image, save, and add your own little message to your social feed.

Refuel Recap


Did you miss any of the presenters during the Refuel event last month? Don't fret, you can watch any of the daily recordings here. 

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Making Headlines

Congrats to PG members City Apparel + Merch, Imagen Brands,  featured as Industry Innovators. Read more here

Please help us congratulate the recipients of the 2023 PPAI Pyramid Awards in Supplier Decorating: Gill Studios, Vantage Apparel, and Visions Awardcraft. Read more here.


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